Masters term 1

By now I've started term 2 of my masters, but I thought I'd sum up what I went through during my first term.

I was working on two modules:

2D Tools and Techniques

3D Tools and Techniques

For the 2D one I decided to do an on location, live action shot, track it and comp in a CG dragon with animation. This is the first ever CG into live action I've done, and it was hard! I've got my marks and feedback back, but being my first it's not as good as wish it would be and it's not up to standard for a page like this. I did end up learning a lot, but as a finished product I'm gonna leave it hidden in a folder on my HDD. If I ever end up improving on it I'll post a before and after!

The 3D one turned out much better! I created a CG fox and used Xgen to create fur. I will redo the fur in Houdini either for my effects animation module or during my master project over summer. I made the fox without fur in Zbrush and then I retopologised it in Maya before adding fur with Xgen. I was meant to get into Mari and create textures through that, but I ended up using Mudbox because I knew it and I was running out of time before the deadline.

I've now started my second term and I have two new modules, but I'll cover them more in a different blog post.


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