I'm back!

So I finished my Bachelor's degree with a first, but I didn't get enough of uni life in England so I'm back to do my master's degree in Computer Animation and VFX. This year I will focus more on creature animation, quadruped mainly. Since this is a VFX course I plan to look more into grooming as this is something that's useful working with creatures. I want to improve my skills in a texturing software and get a better understanding of lighting and rendering including how all the passes actually work together. I intend to make this a year with loads of hard work and putting it all together to a industry worthy portfolio to help secure a job when I'm done.

We've just started the year and in the 2D tools module we're currently going through Nuke and how to key using our own footage done with a green screen. We're also planning out what to do in the 3D tools module. I'm going to use the modules to create assets and learn the software I need to use when we get to May/June and my master's project starts, so I can be as prepared as possible!

Richard handing his phone over to himself.

The first working week has been slow because I've been fighting off a cold, so next week I hope to come back stronger and really get started with the year!


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