Sculpting the Troll

I created a model sheet for the troll too after I was done picking the best design.

Again this was my main source of reference. I used the 'Anatomy for Sculptors' book too, to find the shapes I wanted in the places I wanted them and then I tried to exaggerate them a bit. Like the arms are very long and the hands quite large. The calves are thick and feet very big! Not to mention he's got only 8 fingers, 8 toes. and a massive nose. Out of all the parts I think I'm most happy with the hands and feet. I spent a bit more time on them since I needed to cut off some fingers and toes and working with four on each was a bit strange. The proportions work together. Even if they are "wrong" they're right. For once I started out with hands that are too big and then having to shrink them. It's always the other way around! It was fun to make something a bit out of the ordinary with exaggerated parts.

After working on the creation of Huldra I've enjoyed this new workflow starting with Dynamesh and working my way to Subdivision levels when more details are needed. I feel like I've implemented it well while working on the troll.

Creating the Troll's hair was so much easier after Huldra's. I now knew what needed to be done, I only needed to figure out how to make the beard look nicely attached to the face instead of just glued on poorly. I found a tutorial on YouTube with a guy doing a viking bust which had a lot of hair and beard. Originally I planned to do the hair then the beard, but the video showed how to do them both at the same time, so I did just that. I already had a bit of a struggle with the front of Huldra's hair, but in this YouTube video I also got to know the SnakeHook brush. SnakeHook helped me pull out strands of hair that would hang in front of his face and also the nice spiky parts representing the beards attachment to the face.

To add detail I used the same technique I did with Huldra, layering it with a wide ClayBuildup brush all over and then making it smaller each time I'd gone all the way around. For the beard I tried to add some very thin parts as well to make it look like thick beard hairs instead of actual hair like the rest. You can't really see them as much as I hoped for so I might try adding some more later.

When I hid the body so I could only see the hair and the beard I realised that it looks like some kind of slug monster or a tiny monster dog or something. Cannot be unseen.

I decided early that I wanted the Troll to wear some kind of cloth on his lower body. In the stories, Huldra is often naked, but most of the time the Troll in the stories wear some kind of clothing. Sometimes similar to human clothes, but I didn't want that for this troll. I want him to be a bit less human like. To create the cloth I used the Topology brush that I didn't know existed and now love because I see so many opportunities to create awesome outfits for my characters. Will definitely try it again soon to make something fun! As for the band going around him I've just masked and extracted it from his body and then shaped and detailed it with different brushes.

When I thought I was finished I did end up doing some more changes to the face to give him some more personality to better match him to Huldra's universe. So thanks for feedback, Andreas!

(And thanks Tom for the idea to put a scar on his face)

Again I am quite pleased with the final design. I will most definitely continue working on this to add more detail, but for now I need to get a move on to retopology and rigging/skinning before I can finally start animating.


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