ExpoTees 2017

A few weeks ago sent in my application to be a part of the ExpoTees 2017 showcase. I got accepted, so Wednesday the 24th May you can see my FYP displayed at The Curve at Teesside University campus. Come say hi!

Read more about ExpoTees here: http://www.tees.ac.uk/schools/scm/expotees/

ExpoTees are printing their own brochure and they require a photo to represent the project everyone is working on. We don't have too much time to do this so I decided to pose Huldra using transpose tool in Zbrush basing the pose on the original concept. The final pose looks like this:

Might try to add some kind of background and composite something very simple in the style of this:

I might need some textures for that and since the deadline for the brochure is very close I'll have see what I have the time to do.


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