Designing the characters - the Troll

The process of creating the Troll was very much similar to Huldra. The biggest difference are the silhouettes. I never made them for Huldra because she's naked and all that stands out is the hair. The Troll on the other hand has a lot of shapes and proportions could be put more to the extreme. Therefore, I started making different silhouettes before I did any sketches.

(Click for larger image)

To begin with I really liked the design on the photo to the right. I used it when I tried to make some action poses, but I soon realised it was not troll enough, so I tried to redo the action poses really quick to make it look more like I pictured it to begin with.

I then started doing sketches looking at the silhouettes trying to find a design I liked.

Within these designs I found two designs looking more the way I imagined the troll could look like. One still looked a bit too human so I went with the other design and traced this is photoshop. Like I did with Huldra, I started exploring the hair style of the troll. I added trees, moss, roots and rocks to make it look older and more troll like. Again I put this on Facebook and let people vote for their favourite.

People really seemed to like nr. 2, 3, 9 and 10. Since I had all the concepts in Photoshop I tried to layer the different ones with most votes on top of eachother and the combination of nr. 2 and 10 turned out pretty good looking!


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