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To begin with I planned to make my final year project (FYP for short) into a visual project. The setting would be in a Norwegian spruce-fir forest and the characters would be created based on descriptions of creatures from Norwegian folklore. I wanted to do so much with it, but after writing down all I needed to do to accomplish the FYP I soon realised I would be in way over my head. Also I wouldn’t get much time for animation which I really started enjoying after the group project we had during 1st semester where my job was lead animator.

After a bit back and forth I decided to change it to something more relevant to what I want to work with when I graduate from Teesside University. Instead of something visual I decided to do something that would allow me more time to work on animation and also a bit of character creation, which I find very enjoyable, and I really liked my original plan of something from Norwegian folklore. To learn a bit more about my FYP you can go to ‘Projects –> FYP’ here on the website, where you can read the short version, or you can continue here, a copy/paste from my proposal for this project:

‘For my computer animation project I’ll be focusing on two main aspects: Character creation and character animation. I will be designing and modelling two characters and then animating them for a character animation showreel. I want a rather realistic look on the characters, but I won’t go as far as photo realism.

The idea of creating something from Norwegian folklore came to me when I, as a Norwegian, moved to England. Like I said; I will be using two rather different characters from Norwegian folklore which I will then animate and display as a showreel in the end. The characters being Huldra and a troll. (I will create another post later to introduce the characters more). I want to create something that illustrates our magical tales and make them come to life. As David Adhinarya Lojaya said in ImagineFX magazine (2015): “People like animation because they want to free themselves from their usual life, so it must be something they never encounter in real life.” This is also a way to exhibit a small, but important part of Norwegian culture. In all my previous projects I’ve only animated humans and most of the time I’ve made it rather cartoony. This project is a way for me to expand my abilities when working on other creatures not human, although humanoid. While planning this project I’ve been much inspired by the art of Theodor Kittelsen.

Left: ‘Nøkken’ (Kittelsen, 1904) Right: ‘Skogtroll’ (Kittelsen, 1906)

As of now I feel like I’m equally skilled at both character design and animation and I find the two of them enjoyable, hence the final decision on doing a bit of both. Considering I do a course called Computer Animation and VFX some might find my choices strange, but these are the paths I feel strongest for and wish to develop and work with in the future.

Creating these two characters will be the start to expand my portfolio. I wish to continue working on other characters from Norwegian folklore after this project is done, and then keep building on the universe by creating fitting environments and new character animation as well as props and maybe even wildlife.’


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