Final Year Project

Norwegian Folklore Comes to Life

For my FYP, I will create a character animation showreel that will be put together to capture some of Norway’s magical tales and make them come to life. I selected two characters for this; Huldra, a beautiful, naked woman with a cow’s tail who uses her stunning looks to lure men into the underworld, and a typical Norwegian troll who exhibits strength, but lacks intelligence.  

From the start, the primary aim of the project was to develop my animation skills. As such, I will spend the majority of my time developing the characters animation and the character creation will be limited, hence my decision I've made to use basic clay texturing with ambient occlusion. The stark contrast, both in size and inherent behavioural traits, of the characters was very much deliberate and used to develop and display my knowledge and use of human anatomy. The methodology I develop to create the believable and encapsulating character animation can now be applied to other creatures in future work.

Utilizing Pixologic Zbrush 4R7 I will character sculpts. Retopology and animation will be done using Autodesk Maya 2016. Applying the Advanced Skeleton Rig for Maya to the characters will help save time for animation. For the showreel rendering I will use Pixar’s Renderman for Maya.